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Lumbees - Real Indians, not fake ones

TOTE and other Tuscarora supporters,
You really need to think about how you fashion your arguments, how you even present them, down to the very last word. Because this thread really does harm to our tribe and our people, when viewed from an outsider's perspective. Even the thread title has negative connotations. "Fake" name, "Fake" tribe? People take things literally these days. It's called ignorance. And there's already enough of it floating around out there, when it comes to Indian people, and certainly when it comes to Lumbees. So, while it's fine for all of us to agree to disagree (or agree) please don't trash the legacy of "our" (yours and mine) people by voicing your opinions in a manner that can be "misconstrued", and possibly "divisive" and "hurtful".

BTW, Singerdad, I agree with you. And, thanks for the compliments for our queens. Miss Lumbee is a family friend and an outstanding young representative, in addition to all the other girls.
No one can make you feel inferior w/o your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt
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