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to you Godstomp, I am not the john you are thinking about, my name is john, but it was kinda wrong the way the housing department done my buddy, he had to get a lumbee card to recieve help with a situation, then when he would ask how much of the work leon had complete so he could work on his house he couldnt he had a dead line to meet but leon let it pass, so all they wanted was him to be a lumbee and deny tuscarora, all he wanted was your free services but he still wont deny tuscarora but he denies lumbee. Yes I have done my geneology and my folks do go back to tuscarora blood and thats not cheraw not siouon or any other tribe your history schollars try to hang on us, btw henry berry lowry was not lumbee he was a tuscarora his geneology says so stop calling him a lumbee he probably rolls in his grave every time you say he is a lumbee, and no not every lumbee is tuscarora, probably half the lumbee are not lumbee some of there indian blood ran out two generations ago their is no way their is 40,000 indians with enough blood to meet criteria maybe you should go past the 1800's opps but you cant you will find the truth and it will come out and we dont want that do we LUM.
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