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Summer Lodge

Twice I lived all summer long in a lodge in Chicora, (south carolina). I used a liner and when hot I would just roll a side of the liner up a foot or two and the wind blowing into the tipi would hit the other wall and shoot up out of the smoke hole. So halfway through the summer someone wanted to pull the liner down because they thought it would help keep them cooler. Didn't work out. They couldn't cook anymore either until they put the liner back up. Can't have a fire inside w/o a liner and can't have one outside when it's raining.

Every one has their own opinion but I would never like to use a lodge without a liner. Think of it this way, when working outside the worst idea is to remove the shirt to keep cool. The sun then can shine on you and heat you up even more! The same is true of the tipi. The liner makes a vent for the wind to pull more air into the tipi. With out the liner you only have cross ventilation and the sun shines harder into your tipi heating the air up more. When the sides are all rolled up, the heat collects overhead without the liner to help the air move. When it rains and you have no liner the rain doesn't travel down the poles as good and drips all over the floor area. You do not want everyone else being able to see right through your tipi at night either.

The liner makes the tipi a lodge. Without the liner you have nothing better than a white man's wall tent. I don't have all the experience in the world but this is the way I have found it to be.

Hey Linda, if you are the same Linda that won the pow wow comp. with your horsegear I would like to say that I find your work VERY inspiring. Please respond to the question about your book. Also are you saying the real word for the liner is ozan and the thing we call an ozan is just the rain fly?

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