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well my opinion I really don't think this post was suppose to be about religion but it always comes down to that....anyways I know for a fact that this thread goes something thing like this....first off this is how we cater to these non ndns and wannabe's. We are forced to see 3 older museums being closed Anadarko (Kiowa), Browning( Sioux, and a montana museum, these are federal funded museums The money that will be taken from these museums is presently being ear marked for law enforcment. To fight indian arts and crafts conterfeiting....DO TO ALL FRAUDS AND FAKES now we as native people wanting to see and know that our grandparents and elders legency live on. we have to suffer. It is being taken away from us because people can't be proud of their own heritage..Its not all about religion but like I said it aways ends up there.. I feel we have others things to deal with besides just religion.
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