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Originally Posted by chickendad
So far this thread is very interesting. I feel some accept while others feel people are stealing something. What is it they are stealing. Is it really ours. Like the Christain religion, they feel they need to bring others to their side. What is it the Great Spirit wants of us. I don't think it is to preach and try to convert. But if others, be they mixed blood like myself, wannabe's, or whatever, wish to try to walk the path. Let's welcome them and accept. There's a movie I love to watch called Dreamkeeper. The grandson of the Elder Story Teller bad mouths a wannabe. The Elder Story Teller says he's a wannabe, wannabe connected. If we accept, live together, and teach each other stories won't get lost. Mother Earth will be protected. The Four Leggeds and Winged brothers and sisters won't be wasted, etc. By accepting and not ignoring and hating we can try to assure our ways won't get twisted and abused. By accepting and sharing, those who don't live on the rez will learn more about themselves and their culture. My next statement about rez's will get some heated statements I'm sure. I read a National Geographic last year while in Iraq that did a story on Native Americans and rez's. According to their story and cenus, like 70% of those who live within the total bounderies of most rez's are white people. If they are correct, go figure. Love to all.
Speaking only from what I've seen, lived with, and a few stories passed down. A Priest or minister must go to college to become one. In the early 1900's America suffered many minister frauds, fraud tent revivals were a boom for the con artists and if were going to quote Hollywood, Paper Moon's bible salesman is a good example. Today, in the predominant white city's we suffer this same con artists only their called Native Spiritual Leaders. Now from my understanding , while there are no Universityís for it, to become a Tribal Spiritual Leader, one must go thru extensive training as hard or harder than any University could dish out. The problem is the Spiritual Leaders in my city have gone thru no such training, they've learned their trade by watching movies, reading books , and researching on the net from sites like Manataka. Over history many non natives have been invited into many different tribal inner circles (Iím not claiming to be one of em either lol), this happens when a tribe see's the person is true and not there to write the next best seller or other money making schemes. Who can become a priest? The ones who graduate from the Seminaryís, wouldn't the same theory be extended to Native Spiritual Leaders? I donít see the sin in a non native wanting to follow the "Native ways" though the generic quality of that statement bothers me since tribal identity is in jeopardy as it is. But the optimum word there is Follow, not lead, and certainly not to go to a non native area and set yourself up as a leader in the faith. I want to say this whole spiritual talk is really outta my expertise by far and is only a small part of the fraud being portrayed out there, native artifacts, native crafts, and native artwork is being sold everyday with false claims of being made by Natives. As it's been said, the wannabe's are here to stay, but I guess the question that comes to my mind now is where does one draw the line, between acceptance and outrage?
p.s.- maybe a thought for another thread, have u ever thought of all the artifacts being sold out of our country while other country's have laws to keep their artifacts in their own country?
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