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Originally Posted by wyo_rose
I think everyone who finds out something from their ancestry gets very interested in it. Most then let it go.

When I found out my grandmother's great-grandmother was 1/4 Irish, I thought, "How interesting!" , and figured I had the right to get drunk on St. Patty's day.

I think that makes me 1/128th Irish. That means only 1 out of my 128 great-great-great-great-great grandparents was Irish. Shall I claim Irish and dishonor my other 127 great*5-grandparents?

When I hear about people claiming 1/16th native I have to think: What were your other 15 great-great grandparents???
That is a very good point about honoring all parts of your ancestry, I agree totally. I am probably pretty average (for a white guy) in that I have a big variety in my heritage. I love to dance in local powwows and also like to participate in the Highland games to honor my Scot ancestry.( I gave up booze about 10 yrs ago so my Irish ancestors are screwed! lol). I don’t claim to be an Indian but still like to honor that part of me.
I think a lot of the problem are the people who claim to be “Indian” cause they thinks it’s cool or something. I bet they are sure to put “Caucasian” on their job applications!
The point of this thread was about the fakes making money and screwing over Indians who don’t have much room left to give. I always buy stuff that has a census tag or some means to identify it.
I bought a book I thought was about Cherokee history online, and it ended up being some new age B.S. written by some “Indian” who looked whiter than me!
I sure hope I’m not offending anyone when I go to powwow’s. I’ve never had anyone say anything anyways. I can say for sure that has been good for my kids to be exposed to Indian culture.(not just the frybread either!)

By the way- from info online the average blood quantum for the Cherokee Nation of OK is 1/128, they have registered members with a BIA white card that have a quantum of 1/2048

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