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Originally Posted by Blackbear
Ok maybe we should make a distinction on some of these folks from the wannabes (who really feel they are native because of one ancestor or because of self esteem or whatever) to the new age frauds and charlatans. You know, the one's who want the spirituality from the one's who just see us as some kind of cash cow that they can harness. The latter I can't call wannabes cause they are'nt really wanting to be indians, just want to take advantage of the wannabes and those searching for something more in their lives. I despise those kind intensely.

This post may sound stupid since I’m one of the wannabe‘s, but…….
On a practical note, anyone have any ideas on weeding out the worst of fakers and rip-off artists. I know I can tell who the real Indians are, and I know the real Indians know the difference, and I know the general public will NEVER know the difference. So….

I personally try to support native communities with how I spend my money. I went to Cherokee,NC in 2002 and shopped the Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual, the rest of the entire town was hokey tourist traps. When I went to Pine Ridge in 2004 we bought stuff at the Lakota Trade Center, and I have bought some stuff online from some of their artists. (Pine Ridge was a hard place to vacation, we only ran across 2 restaurants, and were the hell was the Wal-Mart. lol). Fixing this problem is going to take a lot more than one white guy like me who tries to be responsible.

I suspect some of the problem is happening because the huge interest here in the east. I very seldom feel out of place at powwows because I am often the most Indian dancer there. (No, really, I’m not kidding. lol) I never want to be part of the problem, but I REALLY like to dance!

Any ideas?
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