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I come from Oklahoma, and the way I was taught, is no woman is going to be singing at the drum unless it is behind the singers. No woman is going to be singing church songs in peyote meetings either. They can sing along but will not be using the gourd or drum. I was taught that the drum is a very ceremonial instrument. The drum has been here longer than and will be here long after any of us. I do know there are women drum groups out there, and some of them are pretty good. Todays powwows are nothing ceremonial at all. Commercial if anything. People see something they saw at another powwow and do what they saw somewhere else. A bunch of copy cat cr*p! I say for any woman interested in singing, talk to your elders first, is it appropriate? Is this something that your tribe does or approves of? Because I know my tribe doesn't. Just a few words....

"A pow-wow (sometimes powwow or pow wow) is a gathering of Native Americans. It derives from the Narragansett word powwaw, meaning shaman . It since came to be used to describe any gathering of Native Americans of any tribe, and as such is occasionally heard in older Western movies."
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