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I was taught much the same way as Brackett. That the drum was only to be touched by males. Brackett and I live in the same area and it's true that at some recent Pow Wows that we have attended that we have seen some women's drums. The women's drum that we saw at the last Pow Wow we attended was actually pretty good. I enjoyed hearing them sing, but it is still not a concept that I am completely comfortable with. I am all for women having equal standing, equal pay, and even equal say as members of the drum but I'm still not comfortable with the idea of a woman actually playing the drum. I was taught that my place was to stand behind and support the guys on the drum and sing, and as liberated and opinionated of a woman as I am that is a place that I am completely comfortable filling. I've never had a desire to touch the drum and don't feel that I ever will. However, for those ladies who are out there starting their own drums,while it is not an idea that I am personally comfortable with for myself I do have a lot of respect for you. It is never easy to be amoung the first to step outside the box and say "Let's try something different". It takes a lot of guts and strength of character to stand up against the oposition and fight for something that you believe in your heart is right.As long as your heart is in it and you are doing it for the right reasons then best of luck to you.
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