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womens drums?

I was taught to FIRST RESPECT the drum AND ALL THE PEOPLE that SIT and STAND at the drum. you may not like them but you will respect them. a drum, and the songs you sing come from the heart. it should not be used for "play time" or showing out time. respect yourself! women have voices too. and a lot of them have the respect, and the knowledge, and the Love it takes to lead a drum. if there were no men left desiring to drum and continue our traditions with the Love and passion and RESPECT it takes who will be left to teach? who will be left to contine? Druming and singing is not only about the voice and what you put out. You also have to listen to the others. All of them. especially your elders. that may include people only a few years older than you. i also believe in listening to the young people. because they are the ones who tell us what we are or are not teaching them. They are the ones we see OUR FUTURE OUR SURVIVAL IN.
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