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While I agree with the fact that drumming should be left to men, I disagree that young children should not be allowed to drum. I believe that is extremly important to teach children from an early age to respect the drum and that if young males are going to drum, the proper way to do it.How else are they going to learn but to be exposed to it first hand. My youngest son is two and has been sitting at the drum with the older boys since he was about 15 months old. He sits with the older boys both at practice and occasionally at Pow Wows. For a child so young he picked drumming up as though it was what he was born to do. He has a natural talent for it. We have been approached by both other drummers and elders who cannot believe that he is so young. He has such a love for it and I want him to learn the songs correctly as well as the ways of the drum.Where better for him to learn these things than at the drum?
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