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I was active on this board for several years when it first began. I chose to distance myself from it due to the fact that the southern singing forum became inundated with the same type of topics of ?whos the best this? or ?whos got the best that?. It seemed to be a place for lots of folks to post rantings about themselves with pseudo names, just to inflate their own egos.

I can honestly say that I have sung with the best of them. They range from the famous head singers of most of these drums listed on here to many of the old guys that nobody ever mentions. Something that I find in common with most of ?the greats?, is their attitude and humility. I would venture to say that most of them could care less about what or thinks of their keen voice or how high they can sky. It is however just conversation I suppose. Passes the time when you have nothing more constructive to do?I guess.

As for me; my job moved me out of OK and I guess I was sorta spoiled with being able to sing every weekend and not have to drive more than an hour or so. Now, I really just don?t feel like driving. When I do go to powwows, the drum seems to be full of lots of non-singers making it more difficult for those that do sing. You hate to question their reason but it sure makes it hard to make good music. I guess that?s why there are so many individual groups today. But anyway??

As for me, some gifts are better left at home. I generally dislike seeing my name listed in these forums and use to ask the moderator to delete it whenever it came up. I hadn?t been on here in a while so I was shocked to see it pop up again. I especially don?t like to be compared to other individuals. For those of you that know me; you know that I am quite unique and I don?t like to be grouped or stereotyped.

Let me get off this soapbox before I fall!

Brown Hornet
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