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Originally Posted by tipis
To Kiowacat and others who have to elevate themselves by putting down others on this site. There are whites, blacks, Indians and other Nations on This site was started so as to share information, opinions and ideas. Unfortunately you have a reversed bigotry on here by a few who have to demean others because they either to not have that same information or feel that others should not share or have information or they are not Indian enough. We also have a moderator who does not know what a moderator should do. Moderators do not put others down for their knowledge, opinions or race. They keep an EVEN road to help others who stray from that path. Unfortunately Kiowacat is too immature to know this. I resigned from being a moderator on this site in order to say a few things which I cannot as a moderator. I also informed Paul as to my reasons and the slamming done by this area of talk.

If I wanted to get down and personal…I could say and do a few words to people on here. I do regret calling someone a “Boob”. But when you are personally attacked for what you perceive as my color or background, you do your self no justice or understanding of whom I might really be or anyone else here.

When I qualified the information that was taught to me by naming some people, I was taught that was done to let you know where it came from or source. I hear this all the time when I am out West or in Oklahoma. If I do not do it, then the information is said to be made up or hearsay. So! I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. The information I give on this site is not from books, as they are opinions only being repeated here, but from those I learned from personally.

It was said I got my material on cradles from a person in Oklahoma, well, that is not true. The person that Kiowacat refers to is Vannesa Jennings who has kindly, through many years, taught those who want to learn the old ways of Cradles, dresses and other Kiowa material whether they be Indian or not. I hope to learn from her this spring on doing cradles. What I said on Cheyenne and Sioux cradles is based on my experience of making several of them and knowing other makers. It is too bad someone cannot get her facts straight before making false accusations and had to dig thruough all my posts to the the "dirt". She was also invited to learn if she wants too.

When Kiowacat joined my LodgeOwners group, she was welcomed in and allowed to state anything she wanted. But it looks like now she only joined to solicit votes to win the crafts contest held on this site. I have lost all respect I had for her as a person and craftsman.

I have been around a long time and had many teachers because of my curiosity of life and the way things work. I went to many people to learn what I could and in different parts of the country. The Sioux name for “Good Lodge Woman” or Tipi Wastewin was given to me by my Sioux friends. Whether I am white, red or blue should not matter or be stated when judging what I or any other person on this site says. You might be surprised waht you could learn. There are several others here that also fall into this area. But, I will not defend that area. When other people on this site have to dig down to personal attacks to make themselves more important and the Moderator of this part of the site does not step in and stop the attacks, then nothing I say or anyone says here is of matter. It has just become a put down free for all.

I am sorry that I have taken up space for this, but I need to get something out there. If you attack others, be prepared to defend yourself sometime in the future when others go after you. It will happen again and again and to you.
you know first off there you go name dropping again geez woman do you really think your going to get somewhere with that....your white yes and think you can out indian an indian hahaha being the dreamer that you are lets go for the join date on YOUR special little yahoo group on lodge owners yeah you have a group that you can control woohooo you go girl hahaha tell them how indian use to do it, its your place totally to share indian culture with them (yeah right)...anyways i joined that in feb 2006 if you don't recall and I can send you back your acceptance letter if you want me to, so who is lying now????? so I really didn't need you help there either......lets see racist no, but I hate when any race claims to be native or claiming to have knowledge of the Kiowa elders especially a white person!! sorry, sticking up for my tribe is not a bad thing........its sad that you make money on this book that is coming out, i'm sure your going to share the money with the poeple you robbed enit??...oh yeah my personality is a bit strong (must be the Kiowa in me), but it just makes me sick when you SUPER hobbiest think you god's gift to the indian and we should listen to your every word....don't you know by now your information is good for the wannabe's and I never asked for your respect I get it from my tribe thank you:)

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