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[QUOTE=tipis]. We also have a moderator who does not know what a moderator should do. Moderators do not put others down for their knowledge, opinions or race. They keep an EVEN road to help others who stray from that path. Unfortunately Kiowacat is too immature to know this. I resigned from being a moderator on this site in order to say a few things which I cannot as a moderator. I also informed Paul as to my reasons and the slamming done by this area of talk.

When other people on this site have to dig down to personal attacks to make themselves more important and the Moderator of this part of the site does not step in and stop the attacks, then nothing I say or anyone says here is of matter. It has just become a put down free for all.

well if thats what you have to do and Paul G doesn't want me as a mod anymore then oh well I won't lose sleep over it lol but like i said I cannot stand by and watch people be who they aren't...what is your heritage ?? be proud of that whatever it is that would be good.

[QUOTE=tipis]If I wanted to get down and personal…I could say and do a few words to people on here

and what does this mean???? who is being vicious here?? LOL

I have nothing to hide so bring it on if you think you got pull with people on here.

so lets talk truth when you can get your facts and stories straight okay??

your misleading people with your tribal affiliation. what tribe is oklahoma???
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