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In response to the CHild murder case of Marcela ...

Yes, I can understand the resentment all of you must feel after reading this sad story of an innocent baby - i dont just blame the father for this tragedy, but i do blame both parents as they made that choice to beat this baby, and hurt her physically, mentally and emotionally. THere are parts of the story that state that the child just wouldnt cry anymore, well thats because she made up her mind and her spirit was already with the Creator....I too felt resentment while reading this, however, this woman does not realize how lucky she was to have had such a beautiful princess in her life - I have three beautiful boys, (13 yrs, 11yrs, and 19months old) and they are my blessings. I hope and pray for a baby girl .. yet there are people like herself that took her for granted and didnt love her like she should have, she didnt protect her like she should have, and she didnt thank the Creator for the gift she was given - a baby girl - I hope that Justice is served, and they both suffer the consequences that are set out before them, if they do not , then, this doesnt end here as the Creator will ensure that these people will be made to regret what they have done to hurt baby Marcela.
I pray for her soul but I know shes in a beautiful place where she is loved, hugged, kissed and cherished each day...times like this I wish I could have helped prevent this from happening - You know what I would have done? I would have taken her home, made her well, loved her, and gave her a loving home and a longer life... but shes in Gods hands now, where she isnt being hurt - she was too precious to live in our cruel world.

To all my Indian friends all over Indian Country - and those of you that have children - give them a hug, give them a kiss, and listen to what they are saying - do not take them for granted - they are all our leaders, lets love our children - REGARDLESS IF THEY ARE NOT YOUR BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN - please protect your loved ones from physical harm in this manner - a family is a strong bond - children are the closest thing to God.

Thank You All !!
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