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I was there. Did not see any dancers cross the circle with food or drink, but there were some spectators, and the emcee called them down. Of course, I only have two eyes and may have missed seeing things you saw.

Did not see or smell any alcohol. Not saying it was NOT there, just didn't "see" it -- maybe I was sitting with a better crowd.

Danced all of Friday and Saturday, never smelled or saw anyone smoking pot. DID see some of the drummers, when the drum was in the center of the circle, smoking cigarettes, but not pot. As a matter of fact, didn't smell pot at all in or out of the circle.

The front AD put blankets out for drum songs and left them blowing off the blankets and people (head man and other dancers) stopping to gather and put it back on the blanket. He apparently missed the woman at the front end of the circle (his end) with the 2 triangle swimsuit top going in the circle, but several women traditional dancers caught and got her out. I have seen him dance before, and he is fantastic. Ashamed not to see him dance.

The girl grass dancer -- she was a problem in November with rudeness to an elder during lineup for one of the grand entries. Paybacks can be hard and you never know when Creator will teach you that lesson.

I was disappointed during the Saturday fancy shawl that a couple of traditional women went in the circle to put down money, and then proceded to the east gate to "whoop and holler" over the song like white folks at a football game. I was just glad they were not of my nation. I was also disappointed in the jingle dress dancer. No fan, no footwork, no honoring the drum. She was young and will no doubt improve greatly.

Not all pow wows are going to be perfect. Those putting on a pow wow have no control over who shows up in the crowd or how people "perform" or "behave" when they get there. Some are rude, some are hateful, some are looking for an excuse to whine, some are looking to berate, and some, oh then there are those precious few, who go looking to dance for Creator. If you are there for the right reason, others will follow and this event will improve. Not addressing the issue when it happens and then putting this type message out on the web helps nothing, and what you claim (and what I claim) is only hearsay because there is no proof of it.

Negativity breeds negativity. Help instead of whine.

Ask yourself, what was YOUR contribution to this event? Did you put your best foot forward for Creator and for your people? Did you help anyone while you were there? If you failed in these areas, part of the blame for the event going the way it did is yours.

And yes, I ask myself these questions -- on a daily basis. It is a difficult way to live.

Lastly, if you get to an pow wow and do not like what is going on, PACK AND LEAVE!!! Nobody forces you to stay.

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