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Chamber's farm

I was unable to make the spring powwow...However.

Chamber's Farm is improving as I have seen over the four years I have attended as a spectator....If these things come about that people are doing things wrong..maybe instead of whining you should confront the people or tell the commitee what you say you saw...If someone is not dancing correctly give them advice instead of ridicule....perhaps they are just learning or dancing old style.....if they are learning how... will they learn if we as a people don't teach them the way????
And yes there are people there that do not understand the customs and etiquette of the powwow. But if you are there for the right reason then help someone who might be a little off track.... I am planning to start dancing there as soon as I complete my NTD regalia as I don't want to go into the circle incomplete....

In 2001 I found my Biological father (after 27 years of not knowing) and discovered that he is of Comanche blood. The Cherokee comes from my mother. A friend of mine (Alan) dances Fancy here at Chamber's and has for a long time. So he is helping me with what I need, He was taught by Wayne Moon (Kiowa) as many who attend should know Wayne, he is a great man who has a lot of knowledge....Alan is helping me rediscover what I did not know about being a dancer since I had no previous experience inside the circle and until recently didn't know the extent of my Comanche heritage.

My mother had always taken me to Powwow's as a kid in Asheville, N.C., Missouri and Iowa only as spectator. But never danced...regalia is expensive! (especially for 6 kids).

So now that I have the resources and I know my heritage I will dance and teach my sons the heritage. I dance not for myself but for the creator and my family and those ancestors long since past....this is one way I stay connected to them.

Chamber's is a good place as long as the good people lead by example. Most people can't travel the powwow circuit so Chamber's is a good place that they can attend and maybe the only powwow that they can attend....So why not help those that are there; to one another... remember:

Mitaku Oyasin
(We are all related)
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