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This is the same dance where the "ashes" were spread in the dance arena by the "Indians" of the area. I have not been in the area since this was done a few years ago. Does not feel right. This was once a great dance many years ago, but has gone done in the last 8 years or so because of all the spiritual and unknowing people. However, there has been a change by a few people to turn it around. They need a chance to see what can be done and it may take a couple of years and people willing to volunteer to help.

Also, it is a great shame that some people on this site only know how to comdemn anyone who is only making an observation or stating some facts about something they have seen or know about, or basically answering a question. It is only a waste of site space and other readers' time who have to wade through the derrogatory comments to get to anything of value. Someone does not have to be born into a culture to be raised or have gained a great deal of knowledge of it. There are many out there who are born of a group, and know nothing about their culture. That is why we ask questions.....I was under the impression this was a sharing of information site and you can pick and choose what you wish to believe or not without someone making those choices for you by scaring off the knowledge or a good question. If the information is not what you want, it is easy ask questions. Others might answer....but not if they are jumped on or see others being constantly put down.
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