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Originally Posted by tipis
Well, you have proved me out again that your posts are not constructive and rather repetitive. You have to keep going back to dig up material to say the samething over and over. Get over it. So you maybe an Indian, or what ever you say you are? You still are very negative and do not add anything to posts on this site. The fact that you attack someone on a personal level shows you for what you are....basically uninformed. We can go on like this for a long time in your petty bantering about putting down others for the knowledge or opinions they have. I do not know you nor do you know me. We only meet on this web site. But you have shown yourself for what you are and as others can read. Unless you do have some constructive information to give, these attacks of yours only disrupt the group and this site. Therefore...I do not need to bring myself down to your imature level to respond further. I will keep giving my opinion or answer questions as needed or I have the experience to do.

yeah we can keep going on..... cause its you that is being hard is it to copy some photos and get some indian to talk to you so that you can put it out all in your book...doesn't seem that hard stealing others information from under their noses.......your not gods gift to me or any other native that understands their heritage so you might as well keep all your little fanatasy indian cermeony crap to yourself.....p.s. keep your opinions of me out of plainsindiansmeinartwo group thanks, whining is unbecoming
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