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"then when its xchalleneged rather than back up your words with FACT you chose to attack anyone who is questioning what you say.."

I totally agree. I have been watching this thread and just finally decided to respond. When someone like you (sokoki), kiowakat, and hywalker makes a case, she almost automatically shoots it down saying more or less that you're bashing her.

She's insane to think she can come on to this site, and post the same bs she does in her groups and get away with it. Im sorry woman, their are actual indins on this site.

And as to your whole "Their problem is that I am white and have experiences they do not have", you're a complete idiot. I mean, most of us live within our culture, what do you experience, being a white person, that us natives don't? I can guaruntee that you haven't done one thing within MY culture that i haven't done. We have ceremonies people like you are chased away from (with guns). We have events that people like you haven't even heard of. Atleast you got part of your philosophy right, the problem i have with you IS because you're white. White people don't understand jack**** about being native. Sure tipis, you can go to ceremonies, but what do you do when it's all over? You don't live the struggle us natives go through everyday, wether it's with racism or just everday life. So yes, once again, your whiteness bothers me.
I'm interested more in self determination than gender equity. In other words, changing white men for white woman in the structures of power, does nothing to transform the opression in my community.

"You need to find yourself a girl, mate... Or, perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you already found one and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch, are you? [looks down]"
-Captain Jack Sparrow
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