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siksika call themselves blackfoot! but heres a story from the blackfoot confederacy on how their names came to be today.

the blackfoot confederacy were surrounded by enemy tribes from all sides. the nation decided to split themselves into three campsin order to protect themselves. one group went southeast to protect against the sioux, assiniboines and the crows, the second camp went to the south west to guard against the tribes that resided in the rocky mtns, the final band went to the north to protect against the crees. a man from the northern camp traveled south to visit the other bands. on his journey he passed through an area of prarie that had been scorched by a fire. as he arrived at the southeastern camp, he asked to be introduced to the chief and was surprised that all he spoke to claimed to be the chief. the man called them the tribe of "many chiefs" (kainai). this term evolved in to the word kainai, the term in which the blood tribe calls themselves. the people of the southeast camp remarked about the northern man's moccasins and call his people blackfoot (siksika). the man then traveled to the southwestern camp and discovered that the women were not tanning their hides properly out of laziness. many of the men could be seen wearing hides with flesh and little bits of hair still attached to them. as a result, the traveler from the north called them "scabby hides" (apikuni). the word apikuni eventually became the word "peigan" but today the tribe uses the name Pikuni.
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