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just me...

it's amazing what you see on the east coast.... since im 400 miles away from HOME and been hitting the trail around here.(md, va, nc, pa, nj).. i do see alot of similarities of our style... some one asked me a few weeks ago "when you see some one dressed like iroquois, dont you just want to go up and ask where they are from?" (call them out)(the woman was hon yo oh all the way) and i replied "no" cause i can TELL who is and who is trying... <to put the plainly>...y waste my time? i have sons to keep an eye on! lol all though in this area i know that we did have a lot of influence... there were more then the 5 nations... but i dont take it to personaly when i see "stuff" like that... and it's not my place to correct them (unless i am totally offended) because when people dabble in things that they know nothing of, it comes back on them... and most people are set in their ways... (i think that i've seen the same person.. hongeet looking?)

but this happens all the time in pow wows... you see some one dressed another Nation's regalia and know that they are not from there...

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