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i made a great home made adjustable loom about 15 years ago and it's still alive! lol (well, it has a little duct tape on it)

i think the instructions i used were from a beads to buckskins booklet

basically you do need a saw, and a drill and a large wood drill bit, and some tin snips to make it, but other than that, if you have those things it only costs about 5 bucks to make, and you can make it the way you like it

you need two 1/2 " wood dowels (4 feet or whatever length you want to adjust to, i do huge belts), door springs with the hooks snipped off, two metal rods to go inside the door springs, four hose clamps, two pieces of wood cut into |___| shape, drill holes on either side that dowels fit into in the two holes in the two |___| shapes ... one side you fix permanently with the dowels (gule and a nail).. the other |___| side you slide onto the two dowels and leave it loose (make the holes a little large)... and to secure it before warping your loom you tighten the hose clamps on either side at the top of the |__|. drill tiny holes the same diameter as the metal rod on either *end of each |___| and insert metal rod thru hole, doorspring, and thru the other tiny hole, dab o glue. finally you put however many nails you want for your strings into the outter sides of the |___|

does that make any sense at all?

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