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Where's the next dance?
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MOWA friends


Those chemical plants really stink. I always was worried as I drove by them on my way to visit ya'll..."what on earth are they making there, and how does it affect the people who live around here?" Now after reading what you wrote, my suspicions are confirmed. I see why you are so desperate to help your people.
Ya'll have always been so kind to my son and me. No one around there talks the way ya'll talk, and no one looks the same as ya'll, which I say is that ya'll are beautiful people, in your hearts and in your skin.
I see that the gov't. and schools continue to treat you as different. I remember when I heard Longhair talk about how you couldn't go to school before Civil Rights Laws were enacted, cause neither the white schools nor the black schools would let you attend.
You have lost so much. You have learned so much. I will hope and pray that the end result is something to help all with the problems you face.
Just like I heard an elder in Alaska say, "Go, go get your education, make something of yourself. And then, come home, bring your education and skill home, to help your people."
Do it, Darby.

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