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Thanks for your kind words Mary.

Nice to know someone here has actually been down our way and can speak intelligently about the matter.

Yes those stinking chemical plants are making things worse and have only recently even started hiring any of our people to work at them.

As far as Badmutha, hmmm... not sure what to make of your comments.

I think what is missing from the picture is something as simple as a house by house pictoral of who we are.

I don't think that has been depicted but apparently is in order.

You see, many people may have our lineage confused a bit, but we while many of our people are mixed we still have people who are pretty near 100% pure blood too.

The number 124 is wrong.

Our people tend to put white when declaring race. Ever since Jim Crowe I would think.

However, my dad is as terracotta as they come and are the rest of the Byrd and Weaver familes. I would guess these two families alone number over 1000 people.

They in turn are intermarried to the Sullivans, Reeds, Coles, Fraziers, Chastangs, etc.

And several of these familes are unbroken for quite some time.

Now split this over several of our communities and you get quite a hodge-podge of inter-family marriages.

Every once in a while folks like my dad married from the outside and had children from the said marriage. My mom was also classified a white woman. However, her grandfather on her mother's side was a full-blooded Cherokee as I recall and actually from a recognized tribe. Some of her family are referred to as the "Black Dutch" and tend to have dark hair and light eyes.

So you see the racial mixture can be quite diverse. But the majorty of our people have inter-married with people from the other towns for generations.

I guess partly since we never had much to do with the white or black folks on either side of us and vice versa.

However, we are what we are.

Now, as my research continues in this matter it appears that some rare genetic traits and ailments specific to the Indian population seems to be widespread in our people is this the same with your people?

So now that DNA testing can be done and for as little as $475.00 a person perhaps we can make our point a bit more scientific.

We are living with just about all the sins of the past in our modern day era.

From racism to genetic disorders that are rare or non-existent outside of the Indian community and yet some of you believe we have something to "prove" to the government, that same government that helped create our present situation.


Yep, I'm feeling ya.

Now, I'm one of the ones that listened to my dad so long ago as he explined to me the value of staying in school so I could learn to read and to write.

He's probably one of the most stubborn of the bunch and one of the hardest to get a point across to, but he made a point with me to get my education.

I'm going home soon and I intend to open a place of learning in the style of socrates.

I'll supply the resources such as facilities, servers, workstations, software, and electricity to keep the place afloat and with the level of expertise that I can offer my kinfolk, I expect more than one can get their own advanced education and get ahead themselves.

We are not quite the last uneducated bunch of MOWA's coming out of the woods, but we are definately going to be the ones to provide a road for the ones who come after us.

Technology is the greatest equalizer I have ever seen.

I am a master of technology and as a result, I think I can help my people learn to use it to their advantage, with or without Federal Recognition.

The fact is we simply want our children to have a fair chance.

We should not even have to ask, but we do. It's not a fair fight, but let me make it clear we are fighting to win and we simply cannot lose more than we already have.

Do I make my point clear?

You know it is funny...

I can go home and walk up to almost anyone's house in the two counties, introduce myself, and I am always made to feel I am a welcome guest and outsiders are made to feel the same.

It is a big difference from how others treat us.

Think about it.

A friend of mine has a girlfriend who is white. She got pregnant by an Indian, Cajun, or MOWA, etc. and her white family just kicked her out of Citronelle without any further consideration.

The baby was lost.

My friend's father felt such strong compassion for the way she was treated simply because of her relation to her son, that he took her in his house where she lives today with her own daughter.

That's how our people are. Just one story but we have hundreds more just like it.

We try to take care of ourselves.

Jusy and FYI, so everyone is absolutely clear:

If you come down our way and ask most of our folks about the MOWA and what it is and what they think they have to gain, many have no real clue. Few feel entitled to anything actually.

So don't look at us like a bunch of people with our hands out looking for a free lunch.

We have pride and we have our honor. It is something to see that even the lowest and poorest among us in terms of material things walks proudly and stands with his or her head held high every day no matter what the day has had in store for him or her.

That is the spririt of our people.
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