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I think we are speaking of the same group.

MOWA is just an acronym for Mobile-Washington Counties of Alabama and basically is used to tie the folks together.

Mostly 4 of the major family groups spread over about a half a dozen towns or areas. Very traditional.

The 4 main families have pretty much stuck together since all of this stuff started - I suppose back to before the Trail of Tears and the various Treaties.

My grandfather was born in 1898 and my grandmother is 1902 and they were there then and I'm waiting on his WWI Draft Card that shows him registered as "Indian".

We know our roots beyond him a few other generations as well. At least 5 generations or so, back to about the time of the Fort Mims Massacre.


I'm telling you we need a digital library of everything step-by-step so that it is in plain English with birth certificates, bibles, death certificates, whatever "official" records are available etc.

You see our problem is that our folks barely had a school to go to and I may be wrong but sometimes if it comes to walking 5 or more miles to school or tending to the farm, you have to make a choice. That choice got easier if you were an older child to 5-9 brothers and sisters.

Does this make sense to anyone?

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