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Committee Chairperson Speaking Here.........

Ok......Here's the deal on the "age controversy" We did NOT purposely allow Ronnie or Lita to register in the younger categories. You are correct in stating, "rules are rules." However with the amount of dancers filtering through registration it is almost impossible to sit there, ask for ID, and calculate everybody's age. Our policy is to address such things as they are brought up. Had anybody questioned the age of these individuals.......the committee would have looked into it and made it right. Every dancer initialed each rule and agreed to bide by them. Bringing this up AFTER THE FACT, there is not much we can do only, apologize we did not catch this, we are human too.

And yes, we LOVE to hear contructive criticism! We invite it. Without hearing from you, we do not know how to make things better in the years coming. We are a new, young committee....we expect that some things will mistakenly be overlooked. So the moral of the story.....Please help us make things more pleasant for you .
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