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re the confusion

Hey Folks, re. the Blackfoot Cherokee people, you so well informed people need to check out a web site called " Saponi Town".
Many of the members have had DNA studies done that ... do debunk your junk on the mislead theories.
Ya that's correct these peole are as real as you and I real and are mixed Indian folks, much like Cnada's Metis etc, just like everyone else blood quantum varies and so does skin tone and facial features (if that is how you define a native American person).. just like many other eastern sea board Native people these folks are mixed and scattered all across the USA.
In the west, most tribes have had 150 years of contact with western civi. but on the east coast, it's mosre like 500, remeber James Town.
So rather than just taking everyones low browed gossip for truth check out what these people are saying about themselves, sounds well based to me.
Did you ever hear that the USA wiped out 100 tribes in 100 years, well maybe they didn't get everyone.
I have no comment on Jamake Highwater or anyone else, but I guess if I thought that I was going to loose my skin tone and go blond I might come up with some one else's junk, really just because your part white doesn't mean your less of a person than a full blood.!
Just remember this "a gentle hand is better than a kick in the pants"!
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