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Perhaps you need to educate yourself on what DNA tests really are!
AS for wanting to be a Montana Blackfoot, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?????
Perhaps you need to just reply to what was posted and not jump to conclusions.
NO one I know wants to be a Montana Blackfoot!
I guess what a disscussion like this really adds up to is what you might think you are going to loose!
Really no one I know wants to be anyone else, just that the oral history passed down is not to be disrespected!
Trying to educate people re. this topic is a primary goal here, it's not anything else.
I'd like for people just to really consider the facts, and realize that with this topic, Andrew jackson (white washing America) did not win, and many people do know who they are!
If these same people said that they were Southern Metis would you people still feel the same way?
But really thanks for your reply it just lets the "Southern Metis" people from many tribal groups just what it is that they are up against.
Lastly I promise you you haven't lost anything but may have gained a little insight into southern studies, please in closing when you do post a quote make sure that it is all the statement and not just portions of it!
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