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I realize that!
The tests have been done to clarify the blood quantum issues, ( some were nearly demanded by gov. members) and aswell for many there was no link to African families, which disqualifies the theories that abound re. this ID.
Members of the Eastern communities with this ID are often from state or federally recognized tribes, and because of the ill based theories that abound they are being forced to deny thier families oral history.
To me that sounds really familiar and is exactly what many geneocidal ploys have intended.
There's a growing body of mixed blood people that are looking at thier families history and are looking for the facts that either qualify or deny thier oral traditions.
To date most have found that families all locate in time to a geographical area, prior to 1820 when Virginia and NC, said that if you are not white you're black and we'll enslave you, so a mass exodus began and people moved into Tn KY and many other areas to get out of the slavers laws.
Forcing the first waves of mixed bloods from the eastern areas of this country west and east.
From what I can understand many people only want to regain what thier families have lost and nothing else., especially what is not thiers to claim!
thanks for your post!
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