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Hey Joe's Dad, no Iam really not very angry, but when others tell me who Iam I do feel astho' I do have the right to defend myself.
Iam not speaking for everyone, just me, so don't let what I have to say about this topic effect other people that you may meet in the future.
I do know that we have a very long oral history in my family of who we are, the DNA test was not donre to define our heritage but to help support the need to protect family!
I agree the eastern seaboard does have a much longer history than other places and the people from there have needed to hide in many ways to just survive., but that doesn't make them any less than anyone else.
The Blackfoot Cherokee people are "Real People", and they know it.
Many web sites out there have tried to debase the claim but several after I exchanged info. with them changed thier stories, but have yet to alter thier web sites.
What can I say?
Finally if I ever do come across as upset, it is because I know who I am and do not need anyone to tell me who Iam or insult me by doing so.
I wouldn't tell anyone that they are really siberians, and its that tone that gets to me.
There's 3rd dna test , the 3rd one does move between genders, the sorry if you thought I was including sw, people in western terms, thier southwest not central west, Dakotas etc.
The term Metis is a french term not a Michif term so get it right just like Melungeon is a old world French term not an Eastern Souian one.
However you call it James Town did have a degree on out marriage, they did pass laws to stop thier folks from leaving! was my point.
Name calling is really low, and as for people claiming Cherokee ancestry, there are many voting enrolled members that have a low blood quantum and still vote, sorry I hope that you figure out what the difference is between political issues and racial ones, treaties are political, genecidal ones are racial!

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