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Hey everybody, thanks for all of your help and kindness! Hazben, the books you mentioned I will definitley look into. The blood pressure meds just got refilled! LOL!

Nezbah, I live in Vancouver Washington, and the schools here now, I think are different from what you experienced. My daughter who is in high school was told by her history teacher, that since the Trail of Tears killed so many NDN's and because it was so long ago, it wasn't as important as other history to teach.
My little ones were taught in school a very small unit about NDN's and history. The teachers are always confused about why we don't celebrate Columbas day!

I have encountered the dark side, as I call it, and had to walk away at one point in dealing with some of the people I have spoken to. You all have been so right about that. This guy said that I was full of "Buffalo Dung" and got indignant with the use of the words "Native American". He and several others said that those words are for White Americans now, because they were born here and that we should only use the term, "Indigenous Americans", only. Then it was the usual, lazy, drunken, worthless, always got a hand out talk. I won't even try with them now that they have taken it to that level. I don't mind a healthy debate, but this was abusive.
On the bright side, I am still able to talk to others who find the history fascinating, because they had never heard it explained that way before.
I do find it interesting that when talking about the various massacres where large numbers were killed, that the ones that I have talked to always want to lower the numbers by several hundred to many hundreds. It's like if 800 were killed, they are OK thinking it was 300. Maybe the denial thing helps them somehow, but it's ridiculas when they don't care about 300, like that is somehow that's an acceptable number! I will continue to plug away at this and always welcome your support and advice, there's alot of wisdom here, and I am thankful for that! Beyond the blood pressure meds., I think I'll need some dye for the gray hairs this is causing! LOL!
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