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Hello all,

I just stumbled on this thread and would like to make a comment or two.

It has always been wispered by my elder relatives, but not in polite company, that my family has had indians in our family tree. Seems everyone conviently forgot who or where they were when pressed on the issue. My Mother has done an enormous amount of family history and geneology and has found where our family tree roots. We have family on the rolls, we have great people of history in our tree, and we have family not to be to proud of. But with all this I have been left wondering why my family choose to forget such a rich history. Untill last year when my mother found one branch of our family tree that traveled to Mobile and Washington counties. I thought this was great since it would put new family about 30 miles from where I am living with my new wife. I told my wife about it and found out from here response why my family had chosen to forget. Her words were and I quote " Oh God, Please tell me you not related to those damn trashy cajuns over there by Citronelle. Nobody wants to have anything to do with them and I won't look good if they know you are." (Since then with some education and patience she has formed a different oppinion.)

Seems that contempt is carried over most every where.

To help some make a more educated opinion on this try reading

They Say the Wind is Red: the Alabama Choctaw lost in their own land.

This is a book written by Jacqueline A. Matte done with independant study by her.


CDIB, Corruption, Deceit, Identity and Bureaucracy in Indian Country.

located free for download at

it may change your thoughts why people like the MOWA and the Houma are have such difficult times.

As for legitimate documentation I can only hope our family research can help.

I have forwarded this to my mother who is much better versed on these people and events than I am.

Darby Weaver I look forward to meeting you.......

Steve Shiffer

Proud to be who I am reguardless of where I came from.

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