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Thanks for the kind words Steve.

You are correct and contempt is the word.

Recently I spoke with Cedric Sunray from Oklahoma and he was in a conversation with an authority on "Indians".

Cedric had show the gentlemen pictures of our people and he replied to Cedric "Those are Indians but they are not your people"...

How ridiculous is that? Now our people.


I guess it may take live webcams and with GPS devices to make the point clear.

We are not popular, we are not necessarily liked, we are not black or white, and what we are is being denied by those who are the "Experts" by a system that has made a profit on our very existance and wasting us away to some non-existance.

It is really pitiful, when you think about it.

Every household filled with Cancer or some other problem, almost invariably caused by the many nearby Chemical Plants.


And yet, we are told we are not what we always have been.

Very sad.

Our people were Indians in a time and a place where being Indians simply was not every cool.

It still is not as it should be.

But we are getting educated little by little, family by family, one by one...

With education comes a means to fight back and regain our identity.

When 6,000 of us band together, we will be heard.

As of now you only hear a few dozen or less...

The tide is changing.
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