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She doesn't powwow.

My wife doesn't powwow! We are from different tribes and her tribe is not of the powwow type. Granted, I had been away from the drum for some time when I met her, but that has changed this past year. I have since become aquainted with a few guys and have started to sing with them. I am learning the songs "again." I take time to practice with them and on my own, and to her it is different and at times she fights with me about it. What I can't seem to get her to understand is that I have shown her tribe respect for their customs and beliefs, why can't this be the same for me. Being away from the drum was my fault and loss. Along the way my own forces were against me, (alcohol), and my grandma told me to, "Find my way back," I believe it was to be in the circle once more. How do I get here to understand me and the importance of singing to me. When I sing, I feel closer to my Mom, my Gram, who have since left us. It has turned to a healing for me.
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