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Post Hate to beat a dead horse

First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 22 years old and of mixed blood Southern Piegan descent. I am not enrolled in the tribe. The last person in my family eligible for enrollment was my maternal grandmother who chose not to enroll for her own reason's. I am currently 22 years old and attending school in West Virginia majoring in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I attend powwows regularly and am a Northern Tradish dancer. My regalia is red, black and yellow and was made by myself and family. I am the member of a drum group at this college. I have 2 sisters and a brother, I am the oldest. My religion is Protestant(Methodist) although I believe that Napi and God are different names for the same person. My hobbies are making crafts and playing video games. My favorite food is probably gnocci (It's an Italian food, if you haven't had it try it.) and my favorite colors are black, red and blue (hence the black and red regalia, the yellow was added as an afterthought to give the outfit contrast) I can't really think of much else to say, if you have any other questions, feel free to post them. I do not get offended easily and will not hate you for asking me whatever is on your mind.

NOW, on to the question. I mentioned that I play on a drum. The drum is part of a University sponsored student organization called ONAI(Organization for Native American Interests). As a University sponsored organization, we have many different tribal backgrounds, mostly Shawnee with one enrolled Cherokee and a few who claim Cherokee descent (who am I to argue?). The problem arose when one of the Cherokee(?), a female decided she wanted to drum. A lengthy discussion insued and in the course of this discussion, I was asked my opinion. I am usually loathe to get involved in these types of arguments as people in the east tend to get in to them all too frequently and take huge amounts of offense.(Welcome to the East! So many twinks out here, everyone is suspect until you hit about 90.) If the situation were normal, I would give my opinion and be done with it. Unfortunately I am the only Blackfoot in the group and the only attending person from a Western tribe, so I am expected to speak for the entire Confederacy and to a lesser extent the whole Plains area. I have discussed it with my family (the ones who care at all to get in an Eastern discussion) and we have reached no consensus on the situation. I am looking for opinions on the matter of mixed drums, the traditional way it was done in your tribe and any other info you feel is pertinent (reasons why it was done that way...etc.). (Also, what about whites on drums? It hasn't come up yet, but I can see it as an issue in the future and I'd rather not get caught with my pants down.)

If you would rather not post to a public forum feel free to email me at [email protected]. Also, could you put down your tribal affiliation (don't need your enrollment status, I'm not the BIA. ) and any other information you deem pertinent. Also if you don't want me sharing your post with the other members of my group, just say so in your post or email me that you would rather I not and I will respect that.

Thanks much


PS The drum is a Northern drum and primarily sings Shawnee, Lenape and Micmac songs. (Any persons affiliated with those tribes opinions would be greatly appreciated)

PPS The songs we sing were given to us by men who have since died and can no longer be questioned regarding them.

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