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As stated before, Cree drums rarely if ever allowed women to sit on the drum, I have never seen this at home, but here in BC it is very common, although I do not care for it.
As far as whites on a drum, why?????
What purpose would this serve except to disrespect the drum and its traditions!
I have never and I hope to never see any white on a drum or singing behind the drum as most if not all women do at home.

There are half breeds who look white but mnay of them speak the language, are registered as indians and live our way, it is mostly city drum groups where you see non-status/non-treaty indian and metis(?) along with women all singing together.

It may sound strict, but it is meant to be as the drum's traditions are well respected and known here and followed by those who are aware of the teachings. The same goes for dancing.

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