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The problem I have with women drums is just as kahkakew said. A lack of respect and not knowing what it really means to sit at that drum. Faith, "the Mankillers" are a pretty good example of this. Not to pick on them, I'm not a mean person, but to hear them sing on the wrong beat and out of tune is disheartening. Especially when they're really doing crazy stuff like that one lady that sings with them and uses two drum sticks all the time (well not all the time, but enough to be noticed easily). For most women sitting down at a big pow-wow drum and entering that circle you already have a few strikes against you. Why make it worse by flaunting what you don't know....know what I mean. I really get scared then. What if they're sitting there singing on their time. That's pretty bad in my opinion if that would ever happen. Someone could get hurt, sick...something. They make quite a mess around their drum as well. Did no one ever teach them some of the etiquette of singing at a pow-wow or did they just never bother to ask. Dressing up, looking clean and neat and keeping your area around your drum clean are all part of powwow singing too.

Like I said I don't want to pick on them though, but they've been together a long time and still haven't "gotten it." That says something else.....that they're oblivious of what they're really doing. It's like they're just making a statement of some kind.

Well anyways that kind of lack of knowledge, showing off what they haven't been taught or maybe sometimes too even a lack of respect is common among other all women drums too. So for an all woman drum....I'd have to agree with kahkakew and give a thumbs down (in a good way.)

One or two women that sit down with a pow-wow drum....i'd have to be torn there, because I know of some women that have earned that right to be there through their own communities on drums from their home rez's and their own tribe's Indian ways....they've learned like the men their with. It's just those that don't and still find some way to sit down with a bunch of men that ruin how the people see women singing in general.

One way to really think about it....if that person (and I mean person because this point goes beyond just women) would not be allowed to sing at a real ceremony....and they respect that way and don't try and don't do that......why should they be allowed to sit at a drum for a pow-wow.......

Pow-wow is not ceremonial it's a dance..a good time, but our creator is always watching.

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