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Originally posted by R-Lee:
The Rock Layeth the Smacketh down.

I think kakakew probably isn't really a bigot. I think he just likes to yank everyone's chain. He gets quite a reaction when he beats his chest. (of course this is only a very humble opinion).
Lightningflash has a good point. I know other tribes have different views and traditions about the drum. Why is one more valid than another?

It comes a little more into perspective when you look at the history of powwow and the history of those big powwow drums. Where Kahkakew is from pow-wow's been around a lot longer than most other places. Places where women are accepted singing on big drums tend to be areas where pow-wow is a newer thing. The southwest, the east coast, the northwest. The only exception I can really think of is South Dakota with drums like Ironwood and Native Thunder. Some jamming women singers. Areas where pow-wow is even older than Cree country though like with the southern people, Ho-chunk's and Omaha's as well where we get modern day pow-wows from, women sitting down and singing at a drum is unheard of. Wouldn't ever happen and those women don't want that to happen.

My point is (and I know i'm rambling a little so I'm clarifying) the history of pow-wow dictates that women singing at a drum isn't the pow-wow way. It's a newer thing. It was incorporated into pow-wows as this way spread across Indian country. So people that believe in women singing on a big drum weren't taught this, they came up with their own beliefs about drums. Now does it seem more valid?

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