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Hi Rock!
Good explanation. I don't think his view is not valid. It is very valid and I think considered the norm. You mentioned exceptions like Ironwood and Native Thunder. They are exceptions but still respected. I'm sure other tribes and people's ways would still be respected also. It's the same with white singers and dancers that he mentions and is so quick to critisize. There are some exceptions that still deserve respect. If it is only history that dictates the powwow way, how far are you willing to go back? The Fancy Shawl Dance is one example I can think of where women began doing something different and are now accepted.
These kinds of things are always so touchy and it depends on who you talk to and where. Anyone who is honestly doing what they believe to be right I believe deserves basic respect. If there is ever a real problem I think it should be taken to the powwow committee. I just replied in that way because I think kakakew takes HIS valid beliefs and presents them in a condescending way. I think he's just trying to get a rise out of people. Not that he cares but I don't have much respect for that.
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