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Women singing with the men depends on where you are at, I guess. The Ihanktonwan don't have a problem with women on family drums (blood relatives, that is). I have also seen Rosebud and Eastern Dakota drums with women on the inner circle.

Women singing on the inner circle has not been too popular in the Chicagoland area. I have mixed feelings about it, myself. I don't want political problems and lines being drawn at the powwow I help run, so I hope drums don't show that have women on the inner circle.

I once had a Ponca friend tell me that the drum was a gift from women to men. It would be bad form for women to ask for this gift back.

(Now, some of you are sayin', "Ain't the Ponca Southern?" Well, today yes. "Back in the day" they lived up north near the Omaha and Ihanktonwan, so I guess they're sorta northern, too.)
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