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Howdy ya'll! Up here Drums are handled by women and men. Traditionaly I think it was a mans thing but Now the Majority of the folks who can remember the old songs are women. I was just down singin and dancing at a pow wow in Oregon this weekend...atleast 8 to 15 of the drums present had prodomanatley all woman singers. In Warmsprings and Umatila one will see an oldman or two and about 6 oldwoman singin on a drum. I noticed that in Oregon its more common and has been the norm for a long time. Among Alaskan folks(Tlingit/Haidas) its usually all Woman drumming and singing on Handdrums and has been for a long time. I asked why once and was told that in the 1950's when the songs became legal again to sing that the only people left that could remember the old ceremonial songs where the olderwomen. I have noticed that the only people that seem to be actively keeping the Oldways alive are the woman in the comunities and thats sad to see. I know a lot of Indian guys in there tribal comunities who know more Powwow songs then they know there tribal songs, and could tell ya how to dance grass but dont know the first thing about how to dance there tribal dances. I thank the woman for keeping the songs alive. If it wasnt for them a lot of us would be left songless!
Take care.
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