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Wannabe or Lost Native American Indian?

My heritage is as follows - my great grandmother was full blood Cherokee ( Tsalagi ), and down to my mother they are all on the roles in Tahlequah. I was raised not knowing any of this until I was 48 when my mother gave me the paperwork to apply for membership into the Cherokee Nation. "Wannabe" - Is it my fault that I was ignorant of my heratige?

I grew up in western Oklahoma hunting with a bow by choice, respecting my elders and the animals I hunted for food. I gave thanks to the Great Sprit (GOD) for what I was given. I raised my children to respect their mother earth and all who live upon her be it man or animal. I thought my sons to only take an animal for food and not for sport. All this I did being ignorant of my heritage.

I was thought the traditional values of treating others the way I wish to be treated, to gain knowledge so that I may know right from wrong, and to give thanks even when there isn't much to be thankful for. ( We always can be thankful for the air we breath, the sun that warms us, the food we eat, and even the day that we are allowed to live )

I do not make anything, I do not sell anything, nor do I try to pass myself off as an Indian but I am proud to be even part Indian. For they are the true first American's and have suffered the most for this country. The white history tells stories of how hard it was for them in the early days, the blacks have their stories of salvery, and even the asians have their stories. But if your not an Indian you don't have much to complain about.

I live with a desire to learn more about my heritage and the culture of it. Over the past few years I have read about my heritage, resurched the internet about my heritage and have visited with others. But when I try to talk to someone about it I am accused by the whites of only wanting to be an Indain for the money, ( what money? My mother ddin't see any for just being Indian. ) looked upon by the Indains as a wannabe who is only looking for acceptance in a club ( What club? I didn't know there was a club. What is it called? "The First Suppressed People" or "The Forced Out Club of America" Don't think I want to join those)

My questions is: Am I a wannabe "injun" ( oooo hate that word ) or a lost Native American Indian who has a desire to learn more about why he believes the way he believes naturally. Is it a question of blood only or a complex question of how one my believe and live his life?

I hope I did not upset anyone with my comments but I is a real puzzle to me why the only thing most can agree on is to disagree.
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