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Please forgive me for the missunderstanding -- the " Wannabe Injun" and the Club thing came from reading other post on other threads that ticked me off. -- it was not ment to be mean but to make a point -- I want to be me and accepted as such -- A full blood naturally born American who has a Native American heritage and who is applying for membership in his tribe - not to be known as a wannabe anything who is trying to join a club for recignition of any kind.

I would never call anyone an injun, just as I would not call a mexican a spik, a black a nigger or an aisian a chink. They are turms used to be negative in conitation and would only make me look more ignortant than I already am.

Agian Please forgive me for the missunderstanding --- and accept me for what I am. I am tring to learn more and with your help I may gain the knowledge and wisdom you will share with me.
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