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Originally Posted by just_kitty
My grandmother was full Choctaw (Oklahoma) but didn't want to talk about it. She considered it "a bad thing" to be Indian because of the prejudices she suffered in her youth. Much was lost because of this. My family has spent a great deal of time and effort learning about our heritage. We have "rediscovered" our heritage in the past 20 years and take great pride in it. My daughter is Choctaw, Cahuilla (Torris-Martinez band) and Euro-mutt. She was born on the res, and we lived there for several years. She dances at the Powwows, and as a child had a hard time understanding why the cowboys were always chasing the Indians in the movies. My mother looks Indian, and so does my daughter, but my sisters and I look white. Would we be more Indian if we looked more indigenous? Does Indian blood skip a generation in cases like this? I get really tired of being told that I'm not Indian because I don't look like it. It is more often the Euro-mutt non-Indians that want to point out to me that I don't look Indian, therefore I can't be Indian. What's up with that? Sorry about the rant - but I too needed to vent on this topic.
I too have been misplaced with tag of Nationality. (wannabe) As some may call it. For that i dont care. Its whats in the blood and heart and mind. French, Spanish, Native too Mutt for short. Look too the sky thank the creator for such blessings. Life without colors of ourselfs we would all look alike. So hold up high, as i was once called white. Dont know many whites who look at a brook, break down and cry and see if removing one rock, can change the sound of the water. Its the free things in life that matters anyways.. If you love the earth, respect it too, love your native ways, respect what god gave you. (never mind the men of disrespect) Dance On To The Beat !!!
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