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You are speaking in generalities a bit much. You say you learned the song at NOAC. Who taught it to you? Who composed the song?

I remember at the last NOAC, there wasn't any song teaching going on at the Northern Singing sessions, I was at all of them.
There was discussion about song structure, types of songs, demonstration of song types, Q and A, etc. Makes me wonder where the song came from . . .

I started a similar topic some time ago that lasted a bit and died out. Can't hurt to rehash-

The best way to acquire songs is to be given the songs by the composers.

Is it okay to learn from tapes? I've been told that if a song is put on commercial recordings, it's open game, but I sometimes feel leary about this (Sometimes it will be marked "Drum Song" or "Such-in such's Song," so obviously stay clear of these). I guess it's not "wrong," but it's not great.

I've been told that a song performed as a general powwow song is open game.

I've also been told that if a song is done publicly with no mention of ownership, that it's open game.

These things I've mentioned all came from respected fullbloods of various tribes that I know. Doesn't help much does it?

Another issue to discuss- Who has the right to compose songs. I've been told that one has to earn the right to compose songs. I've also been told that if a song "comes to you" it is basically a gift and should be used. Any thoughts on this?
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