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Did you sing the song the way it was composed?
Did you learn the song correcty?
Did you ask around about the song to see if it was "on the drum", who composed it, who's it was and when to sing it?

Many people who compose songs do so for different reasons. Many songs are made for certain families, organizations or even certain people. You may have sung one of these particular songs. I can understand why people get upset about people using songs.

There's many songs around that I have no business singing. Theyre not mine. I know many of these songs, but dont sing them at powwows.

A few sugestions: Learn as much as you possibly can about every song you sing. Its important to know the history behind these songs. Learn them correctly, from the composer if possible. Dont depend on commercial tapes, they can be dangerous. Indian House seems to have the best explainations of songs. They dont tell everything however. Talk to people who are better singers than you, they generally know more about songs than others. Get to know them, dont just use as a source for information. Theres more to people than their knowledge. Finally, have fun, powwows are for everyone. I wish you luck.


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