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*wow* where am I, everyone should know this.

mmm?..well...maybe not...anyway. The Drums are sacred, the songs are holy, people must learn how to take care of both including everything that comes with it.


Simply tho for songs...You must get your rights to each and every song you sing. If you make your own, get it blessed and copyrighted. If a song is copyrighted it is illegal to sing AND profit from it. Old Way tho is all "Unwritten" but simply says you must acquire the rights from the drun or the composer. If you take it without that, they can take your drum from you, fine you $500 bucks or more, then ask you to leave the pow-wow; ESPECIALLY if you take a flag song, honor song, veteran song, or victory song. Intertribals and contests are more lenient.

Now that big money contests at the bigger pow-wows are so vital for traveling drums, the rules are changing, where you cannot sing any song that is not your own. I guess it's up to the drum if they are there, the composer or the singing judges then the arena director onto the pow-wow committee.

But please don't just listen to that good song and try to compete with it. If it's a small pow-wow and you just wanna make em dance then yeah go ahead go for it, but beware you might get busted. Seriously.

It's just best to make your own, and even with that there are so many rights that need to be given first.
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