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I think one item needs to be clarified a bit. I know down south the phrase "on the drum" is well known and understood. I do not think there is a northern equivalent to this phrase (it would be nice if one existed so everyone could simply ask "Is this song "on the drum?"). Songs up north are harder to "research" because of this.

I have heard of various stories about what can happen when a drum screws up royally. Jude may have been illustrating the practice in that neck of the woods. I have heard stories of drums being taken for a year, fines imposed, and the worst I heard of was a knife run through the head of the drum (Real stories or "legend," I don't know for certain, I've only heard about it).

I would hope that a mistake could be paid for and the person in error be educated in a positive way. Everyone makes mistakes.

(On the other hand, I know of a drum (mainly non-Indian) that often sings the AIM song as an intertribal. This drum has been asked repeatedly not to do this, but does what it wants regardless. What to do about this?)
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