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geez guys- half the time I don't know where you are coming from and apparently some of you don't either...this is an attempt to enlighten some on the subject of some northern drums that you might be talking about...

here's a few cents from the northwoods...

alot of the drums up here are traditional drums in comparison to drums not bass drums...drums with staffs...never on a blanket and never at a contest.

each of these traditional drums has a drum keeper and helpers that go with that drum...the drum also has a history and is often generations and generations older than the singers who sit at these drums...

the research for those songs have come from the teachings of that drum and were handed on...each morning before the pow-wow those singers gather in the arbor with the old men of those drums and songs are passed with the teachings of the songs, in addition, these drums have ceremonies for that gift of the drum where the helpers come together to carry out what needs to be done for these drums...from one generation to another...the songs of the drum have been sung around that drum from the time it came to be...the songs have been passing for generations and the teachings are a part of it...the songs have history and lessons and have purpose...

and if you gotta ask, I don't think you were given it?? if it is yours, you became a part of it through the teaching of it...and most likely you were invited to sit at that drum as a very young man and perhaps some day you might carry that drum...

I know nothing of contemporary drums and competition and therefore won't comment on this practice.
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